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Whitman Professional Hub Program connects alumni and students

Whitman's Student Engagement Center has launched an initiative to create professional development opportunities in locations around the country.

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"Is the value of the humanities to be found in the kind of work it does? or in the instrumental uses to which it may be put? or in the contribution it makes to individual or general happiness? or in its political consequences? or does that value reside, primarily, in the objects of study or the activity of studying them?"

Read The Value of the Humanities by Serena Golden, available online at the Inside Higher Education website.

Campus Spotlight

University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound is a 2,600-student, national undergraduate liberal arts college in Tacoma, Wash., drawing students from 48 states and 16 countries. Puget Sound graduates include Rhodes and Fulbright scholars, notables in the arts and culture, entrepreneurs and elected officials, and leaders in business and finance locally and throughout the world. A low student-faculty ratio provides Puget Sound students with personal attention from faculty who have a strong commitment to teaching and offer 1,200 courses each year in more than 40 major fields. Puget Sound is the only national, independent undergraduate liberal arts college in Western Washington, and one of just five independent colleges in the Northwest granted a charter by Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s most prestigious academic honor society.

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By the Numbers

Liberal Arts Colleges Stand Out in National Alumni Study

Graduates of the 130 liberal arts colleges that make up the Annapolis Group are substantially more likely to say they benefited from their overall undergraduate experience than graduates of other types of institutions, according to a 2011 study.

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Great Outcomes

Amazing Grace

Drawing on her own experience as a troubled teen, Albright alumna Amber Grace founded a nonprofit organization that helps teens turn their lives around.

Muhlenberg's Mallory Bernstein wins Fulbright

Muhlenberg College's Mallory Bernstein '14 has been awarded a Fulbright grant to South Africa for an English Teaching Assistantship.

Researchers Lay Up Diet Tips for Cagers

An international collaboration of sports scientists, including researchers from Westmont College, have developed new nutritional practices that could help NBA players prepare for the upcoming season.

Behind the Scenes at an Ebola Outbreak

"Anyone who has worked in a maximum containment lab with Ebola virus has had that moment when a headache starts and you wonder: 'Is this it? Did I do something wrong in lab? Did I infect myself?'" writes DePauw University professor of chemistry and biochemistry Sharon Crary in New York's Long Island Press.

Scripps College Alumna Heightening Awareness on Food Allergies

Some look at life as a glass half empty. Dana Shaker ’14 sees a glass overflowing with opportunities. An accomplished athlete and student, Shaker has multiple food allergies; when she arrived at Scripps College in 2010 as a first-year student, she crafted an allergy-free fare movement that informed her research into people suffering from dietary restrictions.

Teaching Physics

Denison's Keith Starr taught of Teach for America in 2006 – and is still in front of the chalkboard.

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