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New Bryn Mawr Program Allows Students to Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

From gene research to the creation of new pharmaceuticals, biochemistry and molecular biology have revolutionized the way scientists view the natural world. Beginning this fall, Bryn Mawr students will have the ability to more easily study these fields thanks to the creation of a biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) major. An interdepartmental major between the […]

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Lawrence Receives $2.5 Million Gift to Endow Elementary Education Program

John and Sally Mielke The Mielke family’s dedication to improving education in the Fox Cities is legendary. Three generations of Mielkes have contributed time, talent, passion, vision and philanthropy to growing and sustaining educational programs and organizations that are almost too numerous to count. Mielkes have taught — and still do — in public schools, […]

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Light and Space Artist James Turrell, Pomona Class of '65, to Receive 2013 National Medal of Arts

By Cynthia Peters 9:45 am July 23, 2014 Media Mention, The Arts, Alumni Photo by Florian Holzherr “Dividing the Light.” Copyright James Turrell. Photo by Florian Holzerr. James Turrell ’65, an internationally renowned light and space artist, will be awarded the 2013 National Medal of Arts by President Barack Obama in a White House ceremony on […]

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Gettysburg Students Use Physics to Unpack DNA, One Molecule at a Time

If two individuals have the same genetic predisposition for breast cancer, why does one person develop cancer while the other does not? Is it possible to use physics to help ensure that these genetic predispositions never manifest themselves? Biophysicist and physics professor Kurt Andresen thinks so. He and his students have spent the summer researching […]

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Colorado College Named 'Changemaker Campus'

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